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Thunder & Angel paths were drawn together through their Psychic Gifts that were passed down through each of their families ancestors. Thunder is a 6th generation Psychic, while Angel is a 5th generation Metaphysical Practitioner.

Together they have more than 30 years of professional experience.

They have travelled extensively throughout Western Canada, sharing their wisdom to those in search of guidance. They both have had the privilege of appearing on Radio, T.V, and in Newspapers across the land.

Thunder has conducted lectures and seminars at the University of Saskatchewan, Metaphysical shops, Psychic Fairs and on the Internet, pertaining to Meditation, Learning to Read Tarot, How to see an Aura, Personal Spirit Animals, and Metaphysical Phenomenon.

Angel has created a speciality line of hand crafted jewellery that contains special healing energies which are absorbed when worn. Individual pieces can help with numerous aliments one may suffer from.

Thunder and Angel Psychic Gifts include, but are not limited to:

Clairvoyant, (seeing), Clairsentient, (sensing), Claircognizance, (knowing) Clairalience, (smelling) Clairhambience, (tasting) and Clairaudience (hearing)

Communicating with their Spirit Guides, and Mastering their Psychic Gifts, they are able to provide you with insight and understanding towards, life, love,career and finances just to name a few.

Readings available include:

Tarot, Palm, Tea Leaf Fortune Cards, Animal Spirit, Health Aura, Guardian Angel Messages, Personal Destiny, Spiritual Journey, Crystal Ball, Past Life, Soul Art, Writing Analysis, and Mediumship.

Peace and Happiness to all
where ever your life path takes you!

Thunder And Angel


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