Soul Energy

Through the years in which I have been exploring the world chakra-symbolsaround us, I have been seeing and exploring the colors and imagery of ones soul. I have coined the term ‘Soul Energy’ simply on the fact that most people get lost in the knowledge of what is main stream. That they forgot if you read such experiences level them with your own. Not one way is better then another, and not one way is right for you. I can only say that in this search I have heard ideal’s and concepts that have puzzled me. Not for what they tell about such energies, but how people interpret what they are just beginning to see. In taking another’s idea and running with that idea without further investigating what feels right for you.

Simply put one may believe in Chakra energy, which in Hindu metaphysical tradition and other belief systems, are centers of Prana, life force, or vital energy. Chakra’s correspond to vital points in the physical body i.e. major plexus of arteries, veins and nerves. Text and teachings present numbers of chakra’s where as most main stream idea’s they focus on, or are locked into the basic points as seen to the right. Although this is good for the beginning individual in exploring where these energies may lead in effecting ones physical self. They forget that these points are only a beginning. When I for instance see such points in a body, they are spread out, much different in a lot of ways then here. Yes, I can focus on these points but why focus when you can gain the energy points all around you. Found in your nervous system to even the points which relate to vital organ’s in your body. I see a light span that if you were to akin another image to each person I would say take a snap shot of a tree full of lights, just pin pricks of energy. Or, better still take a picture of the galaxy and lay that image on a human’s body. This is more in tune with all I see in someone.

But like a universe of many points, if you do not find focus or relativity of where your heading much like in a star chart you can get lost. I think in a way of speaking if you take the chart to the right, these main spots could be seen as the planetary bodies of a greater map of your own soul system of lights.

So, I as a person who is both a teacher and a student beg people to please see not only the planets but see the very essence of your universal star system. For when you see all of this, you will begin to experience the whole of life and healing in a new light. Remembering the basic point I have made which is let your own guide be true, and may your own truth set you free in this exploration. To re-write a certain phrase if I may and not sound too corny.

"Soul Energy... The final frontier...
 These are the voyages of your soul.
 Its continuing mission:
 To explore strange new experiences...
 To seek out new knowledge; new understandings...
 To boldly go where no one has gone before!"

In otherwords set your own journey’s in what energy the spirit means to you. Understand the path of the past but do not let the past continue to control your future or, in this case where you boldly go.

shawnsoulartsignNow a soul reading, to me becomes an understanding of the flow of ones own life energy. Take that energy you see and witness along with the imagery that you may receive to paint the picture of what understandings you receive from the individual you are observing. You also must be fully aware of your own imagery and energy you give off before you. Remember like them you are within your own cosmos of a spiritual wash. You must first breach this energy to fully observe correctly the imagery and energy of the soul you are observing.

There are differing techniques on how to shield yourself from mixing your own energy with another to property diagnose and observe correctly. In the pages to come I will be explaining and speaking of such techniques as I find them, along with using them in my daily life. Like any energy  protection of your own mind and body you must first understand the elements that give us the life giving energy every day. If you do not do this most important step while observation is occurring you may find your own soul energy becoming dirty and unwashed and causing you harm in the process.

Here is an image I put together on a fraction of what I see through soul energy, and in this picture you can view both a spirit. A learning path with an image and the various colors which we see about his body. The cards you may see to the left within the green are more vividly drawn out like a physical image of a card deck. But the difficulty of going out and pasting such a high image within the aura becomes complex and muddy so in this instance I colored the image white. There are many other images which show themselves when I observe Shaun’s aura, and I gain a full picture through interpretation of where he is at within his life and where he may be going to even what may be very important for him to have related by me at this time.