Eagle in flight

The Eagle represents to us the meaning of victory, a high level of spirituality and the quest for freedom.  When an eagle takes flight there is a beauty that is shared with those who observe this predatory bird.

The flight is so graceful you may take from the observation the idea of conservation of energy. Allowing us like the eagle to coast and soar for maximum results as we soar through our own air eddies and turbulence in our lives.

The majesty the bird displayed as the ruler of the skies shows us our own ability to project and portray the basic tenants of the animal kingdom or in our case humanity and law.

The eagles eyesight shows us we can use great focus in obtaining our goals we lay out in our lives.

The eagles talon’s show us the ability to grab what we wish and need to obtain those opportunities which present themselves in our daily lives. The focus and timing of the eagle is the ability to make sure these opportunities do not slip through our talons, or fingers.

The eagle is also known to be the great fisherman and we like the Eagle can always find substance in our life even as those around us flow through the streams as the salmon the eagle catches up in Alaska.

Enjoy the video bellow so you too can understand many of the concepts above.

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Srachi’s channel is where you can view this video as well : https://www.youtube.com/user/Srachi?feature=watch