Fiachra – Hidden Gems: A Bright May Morning

Published on 29 May 2014


Fiachra performs A Bright May Morning reel on the Irish harp from O’ Neill’s Music of Ireland, Eighteen Hundred and Fifty Melodies. Fáinne the cat crashed the set to make a special cameo appearance!

Please enjoy the May instalment of Hidden Gems: Forgotten Treasures of O’ Neill’s Music of Ireland.

Arrangement by Fiachra Ó Corragáin

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Ephemeral Rift – Music “Flute”

While perusing for flute music I came across the bellow artist. I find that the video presented by him of his playing was very enlightening and relaxing. Full credit is given to E.R. I have also included his links in case you wish to view more of his works.


Published on 16 Jun 2014, by E.R. on youtube.

Just some amateur Native American Flute music improvisation played using my D minor, B Minor and F Sharp flutes (appearing in that order in the video) whlie I sit on a boulder next to a trickling stream, interspersed with footage of various nature scenes.

I hope this brings you some peace and relaxation as it did me.

I added some effects to the flute sound and video to give it a “dreamy” quality.

– E.R.

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  • Above was taken from his youtube page. Full credit goes to E.R. for this music.

Winter Sore Throat Tea

Winter Sore Throat Tea

Make sure you have some of this ready…great recipe for sore throats and chest colds
…..makes about 2 cups

1. Two lemons thoroughly cleaned and sliced
2. Two piece of ginger about the size of your pointer and middle finger together sliced into coin size pieces
3. Honey (about 1 cup or Your preferences)
(I also add ground cinnamon- about a teaspoon)
In a 12-16 oz. jar combine lemon slices and sliced ginger.
Pour honey (organic is best) over it slowly. This may take a little time to let the honey sink down and around the lemon and ginger slices. Make sure when the honey has filled in all the voids, there is enough to cover the top of the lemon slices.
Close jar and put it in the fridge, it will form into a “jelly”. To serve: Spoon jelly into mug and pour boiling water over it.
Store in fridge 2-3 months.

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Eagle in flight

The Eagle represents to us the meaning of victory, a high level of spirituality and the quest for freedom.  When an eagle takes flight there is a beauty that is shared with those who observe this predatory bird.

The flight is so graceful you may take from the observation the idea of conservation of energy. Allowing us like the eagle to coast and soar for maximum results as we soar through our own air eddies and turbulence in our lives.

The majesty the bird displayed as the ruler of the skies shows us our own ability to project and portray the basic tenants of the animal kingdom or in our case humanity and law.

The eagles eyesight shows us we can use great focus in obtaining our goals we lay out in our lives.

The eagles talon’s show us the ability to grab what we wish and need to obtain those opportunities which present themselves in our daily lives. The focus and timing of the eagle is the ability to make sure these opportunities do not slip through our talons, or fingers.

The eagle is also known to be the great fisherman and we like the Eagle can always find substance in our life even as those around us flow through the streams as the salmon the eagle catches up in Alaska.

Enjoy the video bellow so you too can understand many of the concepts above.

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Srachi’s channel is where you can view this video as well :





A totem to me is a collection of beings, objects, or symbols that we intemperate every day. They can represent a group of people, such as family, or clan’s, or even groups. A lineage may lay claim totempoleto a totem, or that of a tribe. They can remind one of their ancestry or mystical past.  Totem animals can play a huge role in ones life in both self-discovery or even the process of understanding the symbolic meanings of where your life may be heading. Giving you incredible avenues of self-expression and awareness.

Animals afford us visions of how our lives could be if we lived more simply and pure with the world around us. They are harbingers of personality traits we, as humans all aspire to achieve or should lean on in understanding our living impact on the world around us. Totems can be found historically present in societies throughout the world, including africa, arabia, asia, austrialia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and the Artic. Some totems have been adapted to a personal spirit animal helper, which has a special meanings to them.

Each person is born with a birth totem, an animal or individual spirit who watches over them. Guides them through the daily lives. Children are usually the most pure of heart. In this purity we find that of an easy conduit for a spirit totem to speak to them. One may find speaking to their totem, the protector a friend who is unseen. In our lives this totem can go through many changes, and fade into the background for another to take this special place in our lives. So yes, one may have several totems through your own life. Usually this is due to drastic life changes, or by simple chance or choice.

Soul Energy

Through the years in which I have been exploring the world chakra-symbolsaround us, I have been seeing and exploring the colors and imagery of ones soul. I have coined the term ‘Soul Energy’ simply on the fact that most people get lost in the knowledge of what is main stream. That they forgot if you read such experiences level them with your own. Not one way is better then another, and not one way is right for you. I can only say that in this search I have heard ideal’s and concepts that have puzzled me. Not for what they tell about such energies, but how people interpret what they are just beginning to see. In taking another’s idea and running with that idea without further investigating what feels right for you.

Simply put one may believe in Chakra energy, which in Hindu metaphysical tradition and other belief systems, are centers of Prana, life force, or vital energy. Chakra’s correspond to vital points in the physical body i.e. major plexus of arteries, veins and nerves. Text and teachings present numbers of chakra’s where as most main stream idea’s they focus on, or are locked into the basic points as seen to the right. Although this is good for the beginning individual in exploring where these energies may lead in effecting ones physical self. They forget that these points are only a beginning. When I for instance see such points in a body, they are spread out, much different in a lot of ways then here. Yes, I can focus on these points but why focus when you can gain the energy points all around you. Found in your nervous system to even the points which relate to vital organ’s in your body. I see a light span that if you were to akin another image to each person I would say take a snap shot of a tree full of lights, just pin pricks of energy. Or, better still take a picture of the galaxy and lay that image on a human’s body. This is more in tune with all I see in someone.

But like a universe of many points, if you do not find focus or relativity of where your heading much like in a star chart you can get lost. I think in a way of speaking if you take the chart to the right, these main spots could be seen as the planetary bodies of a greater map of your own soul system of lights.

So, I as a person who is both a teacher and a student beg people to please see not only the planets but see the very essence of your universal star system. For when you see all of this, you will begin to experience the whole of life and healing in a new light. Remembering the basic point I have made which is let your own guide be true, and may your own truth set you free in this exploration. To re-write a certain phrase if I may and not sound too corny.

"Soul Energy... The final frontier...
 These are the voyages of your soul.
 Its continuing mission:
 To explore strange new experiences...
 To seek out new knowledge; new understandings...
 To boldly go where no one has gone before!"

In otherwords set your own journey’s in what energy the spirit means to you. Understand the path of the past but do not let the past continue to control your future or, in this case where you boldly go.

shawnsoulartsignNow a soul reading, to me becomes an understanding of the flow of ones own life energy. Take that energy you see and witness along with the imagery that you may receive to paint the picture of what understandings you receive from the individual you are observing. You also must be fully aware of your own imagery and energy you give off before you. Remember like them you are within your own cosmos of a spiritual wash. You must first breach this energy to fully observe correctly the imagery and energy of the soul you are observing.

There are differing techniques on how to shield yourself from mixing your own energy with another to property diagnose and observe correctly. In the pages to come I will be explaining and speaking of such techniques as I find them, along with using them in my daily life. Like any energy  protection of your own mind and body you must first understand the elements that give us the life giving energy every day. If you do not do this most important step while observation is occurring you may find your own soul energy becoming dirty and unwashed and causing you harm in the process.

Here is an image I put together on a fraction of what I see through soul energy, and in this picture you can view both a spirit. A learning path with an image and the various colors which we see about his body. The cards you may see to the left within the green are more vividly drawn out like a physical image of a card deck. But the difficulty of going out and pasting such a high image within the aura becomes complex and muddy so in this instance I colored the image white. There are many other images which show themselves when I observe Shaun’s aura, and I gain a full picture through interpretation of where he is at within his life and where he may be going to even what may be very important for him to have related by me at this time.

A few psychic events we have attended.

Bellow you will find images of some of the pictures we have taken through the years of doing the fairs. I will be updating the images held here as we discover new photo’s to scan in.

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Scrying is the ancient act of divination for the purpose of clairvoyance. It is usually achieved by concentrating on or staring at an object having a shiny surface until a vision appears. Magicians and witches have practiced scrying throughout the ages. The typical stereotype of a person scrying is a Gypsy fortune teller looking into her crystal ball.

Scrying comes from the English word “descry” which means “to make out dimly” or “to reveal.” There have been and are many purposes for the activity; to see into the future, to find lost objects or persons, and track criminals, among others. In the Middle Ages a wise woman or a wise man, perhaps also called a witch, with a natural gift of second sight was called upon for scrying purposes.

Although the object used for scrying usually has a shiny surface, innumerable objects have been used for the practice over the centuries. The Egyptians used ink, blood and other dark liquids. The Romans used shiny objects and stones. Water has been used for gazing into. Mirrors are often used.

There is an example of the interior of a cauldron being painted black, then filled with water at night, a silver coin was dropped into the water so to reflect moonlight. Such means have been employed to see visions and read mystical signs.

Many witches scry in a magic circle to prevent outside influences from distorting their visions. Also, this is why most scrying is done at night in order to receive better psychic vibrations. As a general rule most diviners work at night in order to avoid the excessive psychic vibrations that are generated in the day due to the confusion of everyday living. The methods of scrying differ but after a period of concentration on the speculum visions, mental images, or impressions appear. Frequently the visions are symbolic and the scryer must be trained and skillful in interpreting their meanings.

Crystalomancy or Crystal gazing

A mode of divination practiced since ancient times with the help of a crystal lobe, a pool of water, or any transparent object. Also, it can be accomplished with water, ink, and other like substances in the divination called hydromancy.

The divinatory practitioner is known as the scryer while the practice is known as scrying. Depending on the era the practice ranges from a simple to an elaborate form. However, the main purpose of the objects is always to induce in the clairvoyant a state of hypnosis so the seer can see visions in the crystal.

The crystal most favored by crystal gazers is a spherical or oval globe, about four inches in diameter, and preferably a genuine rock-crystal. It may be white, blue, violet, yellow, green, opalescent, or transparent. Blue and amethyst colors are less tiring on the eyes. Such a rock-crystal is very expensive and is many times substituted by a sphere of glass which renders good results.

The crystal itself must be a perfect sphere without a speck or flaw, and traditionally based in a stand of highly polished ebony, ivory, or boxwood.

In the practice, Hindus use cups of treacle or ink. Stones of pale sea green or reddish tints have been used. Ancient crystallomancers had precise invocations of the spirits to aid them in elaborate rituals. The man was pure in life and religious dispositions. In preparation for the ritual, a few days before he made frequent ablutions, subjecting himself to prayer and fasts.

The crystal and stand are inscribed with sacred characters as the floor in the room where the invocation is performed be inscribed with such characters. The room must be of thorough cleanliness and solemn atmosphere. But, the mental attitude is of the utmost importance in the divination, because true faith in it is essential for success.

If the magician is assisted by one or two friends who must observe the same rules and be guided by the same principles. The time of the invocation is set in accordance with the positions of the heavenly planets, and all preparations are made during the increasing of the moon. All instruments and accessories to be used in the ceremony–the sword, rod, and compasses, the fire and perfume to be burned, as well as the crystal–are consecrated or “charged” prior to the ritual.Quartz_Crystal_Ball

During the procedure the magician faces the east and summons from the crystal the spirit he desires. Magic circles which were previously inscribed on the floor are those which the magician stands in, and it is best for him to remain within the circles for sometime after the spirit has been released. No part of the ceremony must be omitted or the invocation might incur failure.

Paracelsus and others declared the elaborate ceremonies were unnecessary, since the magnes microscomi (the magnetic principle in man) was clearly sufficient to achieve the desired object. In a later period elaborate ceremonies were not completely eliminated, but were made less imposing.

If the person for whom the ceremony is intended, is performing the ceremony himself, has no clairvoyant faculty, then the best choice for a substitute is a young boy or girl born out of wedlock who is still perfectly pure and innocent. Prayers and magical words are said prior to the ceremony along with the burning of incense and perfume. The child’s forehead may be anointed and he may wear garments befitting the impressive nature of the ritual.

Some early writers describe formula prayers, known as the “Call” given prior to the inspection of the crystal. Finally after the crystal was “charged” it was given to the medium or clairvoyant person, The first indication of the clairvoyant vision was a mist or cloud over the crystal which gradually dissipated and then the appearance came into view.

Modern crystalomancy continues using a similar procedure but the preparations are simpler. The crystal is spherical and about the size of an orange. It may by held with the finger and thumb of the magician, or, if one end is flattened it may be placed on a table, or alternatively held in the palm of the hand against the background of a black cloth.

The procedure is done in subdued light. If the divination is performed for someone else it is recommended that the person holds the crystal in his hands a few minute before it is passed to the medium.

The aim of crystal gazing, as previously said, is to induce a hypnotic state producing visionary hallucinations, the reflection of light in the crystal forming points de repere for such hallucinations. Thus, the value of elaborate ceremonials and impressive rituals lies in their potential to affect the mind and imagination of the seer.

It is suggested that if telepathy operates with a greater force in a hypnotic state then it may also function in a similar fashion with the self-imposed hypnosis of crystal gazing.

With the help of visionary powers many incidents of crime, such as finding missing persons and discovering missing and stolen property, have been solved. The telepathic theory does not seem to answer the operation of this process when the appearance of the incident appears prior to its actual occurrence. The answer to this mystery must be left to future psychic research.

Though, there seems to be general agreement that the appearance is preceded by a milky clouding of the crystal. This clouding seems to be a picture itself. It is dependent on the operational conditions, and not a result of strain on the scryer’s eyes, for the individual glances away for awhile the clouding still exits when his gaze returns to the crystal.

The first pictures act as a drop-scene, the nearest allegory is the cloud and of which, in materialization seances, phantasmal figures emerge. The pictures to which the could gives way to may be small or expand to the entire extent of the sphere in amazing size.

Sometimes the sphere completely disappears from the scryer’s sight. The figures and/or scene assumes life-size proportions rendering the scryer a sense of bilocation as if he is part of the group or scene. This sense differs from clairvoyance.

It has been discovered that the images produced by scrying are often symbolic and the elements of choice are discernible which indicates the presentation is provided by an exterior intelligence. Usually, however, the pictures are either disconnected, vague images, or they are very clear. Also, in the visionary images have been detected thought pictures or forms, dreamlike visions, forgotten, reflected memories which may give way to representation of past, present or future events.

From the above is should be apparent the interpretation of images produced in scrying should be critically analyzed to determine whether they give valid information upon which to act, or contain some figments of the scryer’s personal mental process which render the interpretation invalid. This is why it is recommended the scryer be in good physical and mental health in order to maintain objectivity in his interpretations. Caution should be the keyword when acting upon the interpretations. Even the inquirer should question his own intentions, how eager is he to believe the crystallomancer? A.G.H.